AAOF Legacy Collection Landmark Overlays

Anatomic Landmark Location Tables and Overlays Added for Selected Subjects

As a preliminary step towards the addition of more detailed search capabilites to the AAOF Legacy Collection, ten Subjects from each Collection have had selected anatomic landmarks located at CRIL. These landmark locations, as well as their changes over time, can now be displayed in tabular format. All Collections have anatomic landmarks available in a Sella-Nasion frame of reference. The Michigan Growth and Mathews Growth Collections also have their values reported in additonal superimposed frames of reference.

As you browse the Collections, Subjects with anatomic landmark data available will have a button entitled "View Landmark Table", which will pop up a table showing all of the data for that Subject.

As you view the Lateral Ceph Images, Timepoints with overlay data available will have buttons entitled "Landmarks and Labels", which will toggle the landmark display and labels on and off.

Click on an Age in the Landmarks column of the table below to jump directly to the Lateral Ceph image with the anatomic landmarks dispalyed. Note that you may need to click the Landmark and Labels button below the image to turn on the display.

AAOF Legacy Collection
Sample Subjects with Landmark Locations and Overlays

Collection Subjects With Landmarks Ages with Landmarks Subjects With landmarks Ages With Landmarks
Bolton-Brush Growth B1483 (M) 8y 1m 9y 1m 11y 0m 12y 0m B2603 (M) 9y 0m 11y 0m 13y 0m 15y 0m
Burlington Growth 114 (F) 8y 0m 10y 0m 12y 0m 16y 1m 317 (F) 8y 0m 10y 0m 12y 1m 16y 1m
Denver Growth 36 (F) 8y 5m 11y 5m 13y 5m 15y11m 555 (M) 7y 9m 11y 0m 14y 8m 16y 3m
Fels Longitudinal F2188 (M) 8y 0m 11y 0m 14y11m 18y 0m F4926(M) 7y 11m 9y 11m 14y11m 16y11m
Forsyth Twin 03-11 (M) 8y 0m 11y 1m 14y 0m 17y 1m 05-11 (F) 8y 0m 11y 0m 14y 0m 16y 0m
Iowa Growth 16M (M) 8y 0m 11y 0m 14y 0m 16y 0m 9M (M) 8y 1m 11y 1m 14y 0m 16y 1m
Mathews Growth 002 (M) 8y 7m 11y 4m 14y 4m 16y 8m 025 (F) 8y 2m 11y 2m 14y 7m 16y 6m
Michigan Growth 02099 (M) 8y 5m 11y 5m 13y 5m 16y11m 02377 (M) 8y 6m 11y 6m 14y 2m 16y 6m
Oregon Growth 058 (F) 8y 0m 11y 0m 13y 6m 16y 6m 134 (M) 8y 0m 10y11m 13y11m 16y11m